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Software optimised to support your process. We can integrate and manage a complete DevOps tool chain. Specialising in Atlassian and ServiceNow

A successful program needs the right selection and configuration of a complete agile tool set that will be fit for purpose through to the program end date, into BAU and all the way to the end of the products life cycle. 

Technology Partners


Atlassian Suite, Jira, Confluence & Services Desk

Integration, Optimisation and Support

Deployment and Optimisation

Looking to get the most out of the Atlassian suite or see if Atlassian products are a good fit for your organization? AgilePM group can help you get the most out of your Agile tools and improve the performance of your products.

Whether you are new to Atlassian products or have been using them for years, your Agile tool needs to provide:

  • Visibility into what’s going on at a team, program, and portfolio level

  • Real-time reporting and metrics across teams, projects, programs, and portfolios

  • A single framework to support all of your processes:

  • Agile project management, PMO, or COE processes, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe

  • Product management processes that include story mapping, planning, and roadmapping

  • Development processes including integration with source code repositories, build & deploy tools, test case management and test automation

  • Non-development projects and processes like Marketing, Compliance, Security, Facilities, and more

If your Agile tools don’t do these things, contact AgilePM now for help optimising your tools!

AgilePM Group can help you:

New Atlassian Customers

  • Conduct an on-site or remote assessment to define your desired solution landscape

  • Install and stand-up your JIRA Agile, Portfolio, Confluence, and Dev Tools environments

  • Define and configure projects, workflows, screens, notifications, and user roles and permissions

  • Configure mission-critical dashboards and customized reporting

  • Identify the ideal system architecture for your needs


Existing Atlassian Customers

  • Full integration and roll out of Atlassian products

  • Enhance your existing solution with new add-ons or advanced functionality for greater usability and increased ROI

  • Upgrade to the latest JIRA Software or Confluence release

  • Optimize your workflow by standardizing projects and workflows, creating roll-up boards for custom views of information, or specialized reports

  • Redesign and restructure your configuration to optimize process changes

  • Revising and updating user roles, permissions, and security groups

  • Implementation program and portfolio solutions (JIRA Portfolio, Structure, Program Boards) to assist with planning, reporting, and management

As an Atlassian partner, you’ll benefit from our experience with Atlassian products across multiple sectors. AgilePM Group brings real implementation and configuration experience to each client. How can we help you?


Migrating to a new tool can be challenging and Agile tools are no exception. An incomplete or incorrect migration can be costly and frustrating. If you’re moving to any of the Atlassian tools, let AgilePm Group help you quickly and easily migrate your existing data.

We’ve done countless migrations from dozens of tools and have the expertise and to ensure it’s done right the first time. Our approach focuses on all data (attachments, html, users, etc) and maintaining their integrity. We are meticulous in our execution, making sure your data gets neatly extracted, translated, and loaded into your new instance. We’ve developed IP around our migration process and software to ensure a rapid migration is done with Zero Data Loss.

Our Migration Approach:

1. Identify Source Data – fields/data from your Source system that you want to bring over to JIRA and custom fields 

2. Setup Target System – Configure JIRA’s workflow and fields 

3. Extract Data from Source 

4. Transform & prepare data and scripts for Target 

5. Load data into Target System 

6. Validate data migration 

Enterprise Scaling

Atlassian's Enterpise offering can deliver instant scalability, performance at scale and high availability for mission critical products. Along with premier support and strategic services for customers to optimise their Atlassian applications this service can be very valuable for large enterprises.  

The Atlassian Enterprise Service consists of :​

  • The Data Center deployment that provides high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Atlassian’s new release of JIRA Data Center now offers up Clustering and a High Availability solution for JIRA, allowing you to utilise multiple nodes to run JIRA without having to separate or federate your instances. AgilePM Group can advise on and implement this technology and has a great deal of experience with clustering, load balancing and high availability solutions for large enterprises.


  • Premier Support delivers account-level access to a dedicated senior engineering team providing enhanced availability and SLAs for all your Atlassian applications. This includes a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to provide providing guidance and advice to help with any Atlassian product architecture and design decision. Premier support also includes access to Atlassian Expert partners to provide technical expertise for your most complex needs and solutions.

Software Training

You’ve made the big move. You’ve invested in a surefire tool and configured it to support your business goals. Now comes the most essential part. Investing in team trainings will ensure you leverage Atlassian’s full potential in the Enterprise. Make sure your tools are used uniformly and with maximum effectiveness. 

All of our Atlassian Training Courses are available onsite (at your company), or instructor-led (with locations across the country).

Software Licensing

We partner with the leading Agile Software and Continuous Delivery enterprises to provide comprehensive software solutions to our clients. We focus on the big picture when it comes to technology implementations, so in addition to procuring and managing your licenses, we also ensure that your teams use them with full efficiency. If you are looking to start from scratch, our Atlassian and DevOps Kick-Off’s provide the biggest bang for your buck, from providing the software and tools you need, to training your teams, we seamlessly align your process(es) with your technology. 

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