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Digital Training Services

Agile training tailored to suit the needs of enterprise and government. We draw upon a wide range of Agile methodologies to find the right combination for your teams.


Public Courses

SAFe, Agile and Digital Profession courses 

Public training courses give you the opportunity meet other professionals who share similar interests and work in similar disciplines. Meeting new people can offer solutions, encouragement and advice on how to handle different challenges.

Our Public Training Courses are led by experts that focuses on a specific roles or disciplines, such as roles in the SAFe Framework, Digital Profession roles or discplines that are needed in digital transformation. Courses typically take place over the course of a few days and involve cooperative discussion, multiple speakers and opportunities to share perspectives and issues related to the topic. Attending a course has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

On-Site and
Live-online courses

SAFe, Agile and Digital Profession courses 

When delivering training on-site you have complete control over tailoring content and delivery to your organisation's specific needs and the needs of the people doing the work on your teams. It is convenient for employees and saves their time by removing the need to travel to another location. You have more freedom with last minute changes and a higher level of privacy as workshops or lessons can be done in complete confidence. This form of group training is also a very efficient way to build new skills and develop existing skill sets, particularly when compared to individual training. Organisations can expect to see a jump in job productivity and in the quality of products and services they are delivering. 


On-site training has grown from just training people in a specific location to training employees globally via online training. This reduces cost and allows multiple branches of the organisation to learn together regardless of where they are based. Utilising the latest online collaborative tools and video conferencing technology, this form of trainer led Live-online delivery method is a great way to bring attendees together face to face, and facilitate an active learning approach through group activities. 


Online Courses

Start building on your digital skill set now

Online accredited courses allow you to start studying immediately, at your own pace and once you have passed your exam you will receive industry recognised and in-demand credentials as proof of your new skills. 

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