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Digital Consultancy

Welcome to the digital age, always-on, self service, personal and fast moving. Today enterprise and government organisations that want to remain competitive need to digitally transform their operations, business solutions and customer experience. 


Full service digital consultancy

We offer a full range of services that can help you deliver your digital transformation programs. Moving away from short temporary projects and into long lived teams organised around the flow of value is key.

Technically there is not enough time to develop applications for each service you provide, organisations need to develop platforms that enable new services to be introduced quickly alongside existing services on their platforms. This requires an agile approach where business and digital teams work together.


Services include:

1.User Research and Discovery 

Customer centricity

2.Product and Service Design

Design thinking and customer centric

3. Rapid Prototyping

Experiments with fast learning feedback loops

4. DevOps tools

Technology to drive automation

5. Building Digital Capabilities and Agile Teams

Cross-functional multidisciplinary teams

6. Scaling Agile practices

Scale agile practices to Programs and Portfolios

7. Data and Analytics

Become a data driven organisation


Integration, optimisation and support

We can provide a full set of software tools optimised to support your process. A successful agile program or project needs the right selection and configuration of a complete agile tool set that will be fit for purpose through to the project or program end date, into BAU and all the way to the end of the products life cycle.


We specialize in:

1. Atlassian

Jira, Confluence and Service Desk

2. ServiceNow

Service Portal, IT Service Management,
Customer Service Management, Knowledge Base

3. AWS

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

4. Azure

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

5. Dev, CI/CD, and automated testing tools

Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab CI, GitHub

6. Data and Analytics tools

PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, AWS and Azure



Experiments with fast learning feedback loops

We provide training tailored to suit the needs of enterprise and government. We draw upon a wide range of agile methodologies and digital profession disciplines to find the right combination for your teams. Methodolgies and frameworks we use include SAFe, AgilePM DSDM, Scrum, Kanban, Prince2 Agile and other role based digital methods.


We believe in practicing what we preach, we deliver incremental improvement by starting with where you are now and driving continual improvement and regular measurable delivery of value to your organisation. We also have certifications available through accredited courses and exams.

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