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Agile Transformation

In the world of software development, one of the main goals of adopting and transforming to agile is to produce working, quality software in short, fast increments. This requires teams that are able to accept and implement fast changing requirements.

The authors of the Agile Manifesto did not provide a prescription or a formula on how to become agile. The Manifesto does not mention Scrum or any other process or methodology. They simply described a small set of values and principles that act as a guide to an Agile way of working.

Becoming Agile

Agile is best described as an umbrella of values and principles and under it are many different sets of frameworks that help an organisation achieve agility. Agility is the goal while DSDM, SAFe, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and other types of framework are the “how”. We see our job as one of helping you navigate through all the options of how to achieve your goal and deciding on what works best for your unique organisation and environment.  

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is as an act of transforming an organisation’s form or nature gradually to one that is able to embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organising, fast changing environment. The Agile Manifesto values and principles can be taught and exercised throughout any type of organisation as it does not just apply to software development teams.

The entire organisation needs to understand the definition of an agile transformation and the value of it in order to benefit from the rewards of achieving agility. The complete cultural and organisational mindset must change to one that embraces a culture of self-organisation and collaboration. We can partner with the leaders in your organisation to make this happen. 

Lean Agile Transformation

Agile Lean transformation is transforming to agility while implementing and recognising Lean practices and values. Lean, originally intended for manufacturing, was later recognised as applicable and appropriate for software development and any other kind of knowledge work. The main goal of Lean is to maximise customer value while minimising waste.

By Adhering to the core values and principles of Agile and Lean, AgilePM Group can help your organisation to become more Agile.


6 step transformation.png

1. Assess & Advise

6. Maintain & improve

5. Manage Change

2. Plan

3. Train

4. Coach

AgilePM Group's 6 phase process

  1. Assessment and Advisory – assess your current strategy & process

  2. Foundational Planning – create transition backlog

  3. Training – train and implement

  4. Coaching – coach adoption for teams

  5. Change Management – scale to programs and portfolios

  6. Maintenance and Continual Improvement – Agility is not a destination, ongoing support


  1. Comprehensive Solutions – Training, Coaching, Software, & Professionals

  2. One Size Does Not Fit All – Custom Courses & Hybrid Model Solutions

  3. Scalability – Scaled Framework and Cultural Change

  4. Quantifiable Metrics – Validate Your Success with Data

  1. Assess/Advise – Assess Your Current Strategy & Process

  2. Plan/Prep – Create Transition Backlog

  3. Transition – Train, Coach & Implement

  4. Scale – Adoption for Teams, Programs & the Portfolio

  5. Maintain – Ongoing Support & Maintenance

  1. Lean Agile Transformations

  2. Lean Agile Packages & Pilots

  3. Lean Agile Software & Tools

  4. Lean Agile Professionals


AgilePM Group can provide Agile governance across the project, program and portfolio. 


We believe strongly that Agile can deliver benefits and value for your organisation, we can help you realise these benefits by guiding your team through the transition from Waterfall Software Development or traditional knowledge work processes to Agile processes such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, AgilePM DSDM, SAFe and Prince2 Agile. 

We do this through a mix of classroom training, customised workshops, and on-site mentoring to coach your team through critical stages in the transition. AgilePM Group’s Lean Transformation Program establishes organisational best practices for Agile methods and manages cultural change throughout the Project, Program and Portfolio levels of your organisation. Following our own mandate, we deliver our services as an Agile project, meaning you can expect quick and measurable results and a sustainable framework for change. 

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