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Agile Coaching

For organisational coaching engagements, you can expect our coaches to lead and strategise the full scope of the transition, or any part thereof.

Business Plan

Agile Delivery Plan

Assisting in the formulation of a Best Practice Agile Delivery Plan

Business Meeting

Training Plan

What roles are required, are there skills gaps and what courses can fulfil those gaps

Business Coffee Meeting

Communication Plan

Change management communication strategy

Team Meeting

Personnel Plan

Assessing and/or hiring Agile
talent and advising on
organisational realignment

Warehouse Workers

Facilities Plan

Where will the Agile ceremonies be held, how will
distributed teams be facilitated

Business Meeting

Metric Plan

What metrics are important to measure success and how often are they expected to be reported

Business Presentation

Investment Plan

Capital budgeting from funding start and scaling

People Working in Open Office

Software Acquisition Plan

What Tool Chain is required and what optimisations and customizations will be needed 

Agile Foundation Coaching

Get your team and/or organisation started with Agile. Our coaches take Agile theory and apply it to your organisation’s projects, dependencies, challenges, capacity and resources. Foundation Planning can be used at any point before the development phase begins to assist in final preparation or to help the Agile process to a good start in the first sprint. 


Our expert coaches can work with your teams to build a solid foundation for their project, through things like creating and agreeing on an Agile Delivery Plan.

Embedded Coaching

Coaches work alongside teams to mentor and guide the Agile transformation. Embedded coaching ensures your teams get started the right way and provides ongoing guidance and refinement of Agile process for the duration of the

Just in Time Coaching

Technical Coaching

Coaching for organisations that require a leaner approach. Coaches are made available for the most critical parts of the Agile transformation – typically for the key planning sessions, retrospectives, leadership discussions, and scaling. Remote coaching is also available to cover any gaps in understanding or questions.

Coaching from expert technical coaches. This is usually used by organisations to work through the more technical components of the transformation, from Architecture, Implementing CI/CD, TDD, setting up the right DevOps and Infrastructure, choosing and managing the right Agile Tool Chains, and more.

SAFe Coaching

Experienced SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) can help implement SAFe in your organisation and coach your Portfolio, Program and Project teams throughout their journey. Our coaches can design SAFe implementation roadmaps for your organisation, lead the change and provide ongoing support and training. 

AgilePM DSDM Coaching

Experienced AgilePM DSDM Practitioners can help implement DSDM in your organisation and coach your project teams throughout their journey. Our coaches can design DSDM implementation roadmaps for your organisation, lead the change and provide ongoing support and training. 

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